Adventures with awk and big data

It took me a long time to appreciate the brilliance of the way command line tools on Unix fit together, but one tool that will hasten that appreciation for anyone is awk. My first use of awk, some years ago, was to find and terminate process ids. You might use `ps aux` to see the […]

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SQL inserts from file failed at unknown point…what do I do?

I was running a nicely pieced together sql text file filled with INSERTs we’ll call ‘something.sql’ recently in a screen session. Unfortunately, when I reconnected much later my data import had failed at some unknown point without an error. Sigh.  I could see that many of the hundreds of thousands of rows had been imported, […]

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Running Hadoop on Mac OS X Single Node Cluster

This guide will get you past the troubles of getting Hadoop installed and running on Mac OS X. I’ve tested it for Hadoop 2.2.x and OS X 10.9. The meat of the process you need to follow is well documented by Michael Noll. I’m only going to add the steps here that are required over […]

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Conversion Details with Brecht Palombo

I posted an interview with Brecht over at Keepify. He started and runs Distressed Pro, a sales intelligence tool for real estate brokers. The interview is a deep dive into the details of how he acquired early customers and what he does now to make conversions happen. Also, check out the Bootstrapped with Kids podcast where he […]

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Pre-Launch Email List Building With Directories

I’ve recently been looking for directories that allow you to connect with prospective customers, build some links, and add exposure to an app pre-launch. I have found some similar lists elsewhere, but typically a lot of the sites in the list are spammy or gone forever. This is a current list of sites I’ve found […]

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Early Traction with Scott Watermasysk of Kickoff Labs

Checkout a 30m interview I did with Scott over at Keepify. We talk about early customer acquisition, customer retention, tools they use, and some landing page basics. Thanks, Scott.

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Bold Action and Success

I’ve been reading everything I could about WWII since before I can remember deciding to do so. I watched hundreds of black and white documentaries and shorts about battles, tactics, strategy, and the experience of battle. I enjoy details the best. What did it feel like to be at Bastogne? What was Halsey’s reasoning at […]

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Mastering the Mobile Application Market with Patrick Thompson of Inkstone Mobile

I did an interview with Patrick on how he built his mobile app business last month after hearing him speak at MicroConf this year and speaking with him. Patrick has great insight into the mobile space and I’m really pleased he took some time out to speak with me. Check out the interview.

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MicroConf 2013

Jason Cohen led off the conference with a talk about building a “money machine” that brings in $10,000/mo. Jason crushed it. Rob closed the first day and spoke about taking HitTail from $1500/mo to well beyond the “money machine” mark in 20 months. Rob burned it down. Multiple tweets showed people changing pricing strategies, making […]

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Pre-Launch Marketing

I’m thinking a lot about pre-launch for Keepify these days and I thought I’d organize it all here. There are a lot of different ways to try to collect traffic, attention, etc. Some of it is more effective before launching that others. Much of it depends on your product and market. Peldi from Balsalmiq has […]

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