Dream 100 Marketing and “The Ultimate Sales Machine”

I recently put down Chet Holmes’s The Ultimate Sales Machine. It is one of the best business and marketing books I’ve ever read. And I read way too many. I will attempt to summarize it in one hundred words.

Schedule six tasks everyday. Work on your business from different angles with people in your business once a week for an hour on a specific topic manlig-halsa.se. Train constantly. Drill sales techniques. Use what works for your best people. Build your sales into an education department. Teach them about their market. Give away value. Connect with affiliates. Target your dream customers. Be consistent in your education-based approach. Be unique. Get noticed. Be the trade association. Follow up like crazy. Send a letter now. Call later. Send them something to help with their business. Be personal. Make life long friends. Think positive.

This resonates with what I’ve read from John Jantsch, Noah Kagan, and Jason Fried. It has made me really focused on education. I have a few specific things added to my todo list now:

  1. Create a great whitepaper and landing page(s) meant to collect email addresses. I have a way for people to subscribe now, but it has no focus.
  2. 6 item scheduled todo lists everyday. This really works for me. I am dramatically more focused and productive.
  3. Plan out the specifics of a Dream 100 marketing effort.

The last item is a big one. I need to plan mailouts, followup calls, gifts, and compare costs to customer lifetime value. I need to collect contact information for a targeted list of customers. Finally, I need to execute all of it over months and be immune to rejection. Persistence in the face of (sometimes personal) rejection is a basic sales skill, but it is far from a common skill among software developers. I have the resolve and thick skin, but something about this sort of persistence isn’t natural to me. I think it should be.

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