Top 5 Podcasts For Bootstrappers

1. Startups For The Rest of Us

Rob Walling and Mike Taber give specific and concrete advice on a theme. They update 2-3 times per month and the shows run 25-35 minutes. This podcast is extremely focused and actionable.

2. TechZing (the early days)

Jason Roberts and Justin Vincent make a very entertaining podcast that covers a variety of subjects. For the purposes of bootstrapping, the early episodes where Justin starts TweetMiner (aka Pluggio) and learns many lessons are instructive. The show was twice a week like clockwork for  a long time with a discussion show and an interview show. Lately they’ve slowed down, but I think they’re just busy building another startup.

3. Internet Marketing (Site Visibility with Andy White and Kelvin Newman)

I recently discovered this on the recommendation of Rob Walling. The content isn’t magical or novel, but the podcasts are usually short and have useful tips. As a bonus there are tips for all sorts of marketing and PR efforts. SEO veterans will probably pick up things here or there. Kelvin Newman knows his business.

4 sildentadal.comA Smart Bear

Jason Cohen is great. No nonsense. Concrete. Cuts to the core. I really enjoy listening to him talk startups. Anyone can learn from Jason.

5. Startup Success Podcast

Bob Walsh and Patrick Foley headline this podcast that focuses on interview shows with entrepreneurs. It is less actionable that most of the others in the list, but it is good for inspiration. I have found that surrounding yourself with startups (or any pursuit) is a good way to remain excited and focused. I found this to be true when learning new sports or doing CrossFit. Engaging with it daily and making it a part of your mindset is powerful.

Put your favorites in the comments. I’m sure I’ve missed a few gems.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Podcasts For Bootstrappers”

    1. It could certainly be on the list, but I rarely consume it as a podcast. I know I’ve gotten a lot from Andrew and his interviews. Thanks for the comment. I hope to see you at MicroConf 2012.

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