10 Reasons You Should (or Should Not) Attend MicroConf


Last year at MicroConf I…

  1. Met half a hundred really interesting people.
  2. Cemented relationships with half a dozen people that inspire me and remain part of my life.
  3. Left with a notebook full of ideas I tried to implement and improve my business.
  4. Spoke 1:1 with 2/3 of the speakers.
  5. Spent 18 hours a day with bootstrappers talking business for the duration of the event.
  6. Got inspired to write Cold Calling Early Customers in 4 weeks.
  7. Vowed to go back in 2013.

You should attend MicroConf this year because…

  1. Each year the conference is better run and located. Yay Tropicana!
  2. You are a bootstrapper or are interested in bootstrapping a business.
  3. There is no greater concentration of bootstrapping internet entrepreneurs interested in propelling each other forward.
  4. The speakers are top notch and they all want to deliver something valuable for the attendees.
  5. You’ll finally get to talk to and hang out with the speakers at a conference.
  6. You want some inspiration or motivation to push your business up a notch this year.
  7. You can meet new friends that will change your life (I did).
  8. The attendees will teach you more than the speakers.
  9. A/B testing, SEO, software, analytics, outsourcing, and business interest you.
  10. The speakers or past speakers live and work in a way that you’d like to.
  11. Loved Start Small, Stay Small or Sell More Software.
  12. You could teach me something and I want to learn.

You should skip out on MicroConf this year if…

  1. You are looking to go the venture route. (We’ll see you next year. ;))
  2. You have not taken any steps toward entrepreneurship including consulting.
  3. You are not willing to speak to customers.
  4. You think sales is dirty.
  5. You don’t ever want to meet patio11.
  6. Marketing is a dirty word for you.
  7. You are looking for investment opportunities.
  8. You just want a co-founder.
  9. You think any one thing is the big break you need for success (including MicroConf).
  10. Hated Start Small, Stay Small or Sell More Software.
  11. Unexpectedly tall people terrify you.

You need to sign up for the emails if you haven’t already. Tickets will be gone with the quickness. I’ve been to each MicroConf and I’ll be attending this year. I’d like to see you there. Drop me a line if you want to hang out.

About Robert Graham

I am Robert Graham. In late 2009 I launched my first attempt at a SaaS webapp and business. In 2012 I wrote a book about cold calling for startups. I write code, do marketing, outsource, and live through the ups and downs. You can read about my adventures here. Google Authorship

4 Responses to 10 Reasons You Should (or Should Not) Attend MicroConf

  1. Mike Taber January 16, 2013 at 8:34 am #

    “Unexpectedly tall people terrify you”
    Maybe we should hand out stools for people to stand on when they’re talking to people. ;)

  2. Christoph Engelhardt January 16, 2013 at 8:48 am #

    Hi Robert,

    awesome post.
    One question though: Isn’t Rob Walling unexpectedly tall?
    I don’t know, but he always looks really tall.

    • rgraham January 16, 2013 at 9:41 am #

      He is indeed.

  3. kevin marshall January 16, 2013 at 10:04 am #

    I’m teetering on the edge of going or not but this post may just push me over into going. Though I too am scared of unexpectedly tall people – it’s the reason I refuse to see Lincoln

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