Do feature a plan with color, size, and weight


  1. Use all the visual elements you can to attract attention to the plan you think most customers should purchase. This doesn’t need to be simply a way to sell them the most expensive plan. It should be the best plan for most people as well so you establish good relationships with customers.Research has shown that people struggle with choices when presented with many apparently similar options. Reframing the options will often get most people to chose differently. Using color, weight, and breaking the grid to highlight a plan reduces the cognitive load people use to evaluate your plans. Less load, less decision making friction at the most important time. Gather Content does a great job with their pricing page.
  2. Trying a different CTA style for your best plan is another way to emphasize it. It can be color, size, and copy changes that create the difference. The CTA change should compound the benefits listed for the visual hierarchy improvements above. Moz’s pricing page is a great example of this technique.

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