Do have a CTA on the bottom of the page


  1. This is perhaps the most overlooked and most impactful feature. I would usually combine it with another feature and make a CTA for contacting a salesperson, but that won’t make sense for every business.When prospects arrive at the bottom of your pricing page, they were looking for something the didn’t quite find or they are satisfied with their options. These are really the only two options if you look at the fist category broadly enough. We know they are a bit more than garden variety tire kickers because they made it all the way to a decisive page.You may even want to retarget people in the first category, but in any case you should offer them a CTA that meets them at the conclusion of the page. If you can get them started you have a dramatically better chance of converting them to a happy customer. We think ZenDesk’s bottom of page CTA is killer.

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