GoDaddy knows how to make bank by asking you if your email address is correct

I have a secret shame and it is buying domains I won’t or don’t use. I am reforming, but it will take time. While I’m working that out let’s take a look at a hardworking tactic from late in GoDaddy’s funnel.



GoDaddy sent me an email about updating my personal details that is a brilliant funnel piece for established customers. I will probably look at an official account info email where I might not look at renewing domain notices for domains I turned off autorenew.

This one insight — administrative subject lines create action — powers an email that has more than one goal and really succeeds with it.

Much like your “confirm your email” emails can do other tasks as well this is a great example of a routine account info email improving the funnel they’re optimizing. This email makes sure they have my contact info, offers me product I might want, and offers me more product and service marketing. On top of that, the official nature of the subject means I’m really likely to click on it.

I don’t know the conversion rate for this email but I can’t object to receiving something similar once in a while. It’s even good for account security. Improving your standard transactional emails to do extra work for the funnel is an awesome way to get incremental improvement from your funnel.

This is nice work from GoDaddy.