Do focus on the important differences between plans


  1. If the lowest level plan doesn’t include a feature, you don’t have to include it with an ‘X’ in the table. Reduce the visual clutter by showing what plans do include and highlighting how plans differ.Reducing complexity allows people to focus on decision making and the specific things on the page that they need to take the next steps. If you have a laundry list of items for each plan, consider an all include section to keep your table clean.

    I like the way Hubstaff handles this on their pricing page.

Do highlight common features in an “all include” section below the table


  1. The use of an “all plans include” section factors a lot of complexity out of the table and allows people to compare plans much more quickly. It also provides an area to laud the basic features and benefits that people expect from your product without cluttering the area where you can put forward the features people use to make purchasing decisions.All include sections are visual improvements that reduce complexity and allow for faster decision making.

    Stripe’s pricing page is an excellent example of this technique.